Crime Reduction

"With a new wave of crime in Boston that has created extra police work as well as the presence of the Guardian Angels, the Boston Scientology Volunteer Ministry is reaching even further into the community to give community organizations and other religions the opportunity to use their workable methods of education and morals.

Per ministry leaders, the most underlying source of crime is illiteracy and their tutoring programs create literate people who can apply what they read. They feel that with illiteracy, options close and crime is more likely to set in. Their moral/non-violence programs are also available to any person’s group wishes to help." Rev. Gerard Renna

For more information on the Ministry call (617) 927-2247. For volunteer information regarding the Boston Scientology Ministry: Volunteer Match

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Volunteer Ministers Portland ME

Mrs. Pat Fraker,
Executive Director
Criminon of Maine

Mr. Richard Fisco,
Executive Director
Brunswick Scientology Mission

Mr.Bill Rayne, were just a few of the
Scientology Volunteer Ministers that assisted
visitors during the Continental Cavalcade
stop in Portland on June 21 & 22.

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