Scientology Church Bringing a Boston Landmark Back to Life

Today's lead story in the Scientology Press Office is about our new church! The Church of Scientology of Boston has purchased the Alexandra Hotel at Washington Street and Massachusetts Avenue, a former luxury hotel that first opened its doors in 1875.

In what is becoming a Scientology tradition, the Boston Church plans to fully restore the hotel for its new headquarters in Massachusetts.

Over the past few years Scientology churches have executed similar projects in other major cities such as London, San Francisco, Madrid, Berlin and New York. The name for this kind of work is "adaptive reuse," an efficient and environmentally responsible trend in architecture, which retains the classic features of historic buildings while converting them for new uses. As with these churches, the new Boston church will include a large public information exhibit, facilities the community can use for meetings and events, and greatly expanded resources for its own outreach and social betterment programs. The Church's architectural philosophy in renovating older structures is that these buildings serve as a link to the past that can project a vital and strong future. >>

Here is a photo of how the building looked when it was first opened in 1875.

And how it's going to look when the restoration is done

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