Boston Scientologists volunteer for literacy

Scientologists of the Boston area have been volunteering their time for the past 4 years at the Boston Scientology Ministry. Previously located in Dorchester and now located at the cross-section of Washington and Massachusetts Avenue in the South End/Lower Roxbury neighborhood (1783 Washington Street).

Here are a couple of stories that provide information on the kind of help that the Ministry provides on a personal one-on-one tutoring basis:

Boston Scientology Tutoring
Scientology Volunteer Minister website

Boston Ministry
Freedom Magazine article

Boston Scientology Ministry description
Boston Globe article

For more information or to sign up for our Fall tutoring program call (617) 927-2247. Be sure to leave your number and the kind of assistance that you need.

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Boston Scientologists in the News

Good to see Scientology Boston in the news again, this time with a story about the mural we painted on the wall of one of our new buildings. I always try to live with the precept "safeguard and improve your environment," from the book The Way to Happiness L. Ron Hubbard and I love projects like this because they really do make a difference.

I'm very much looking forward to an increased presence for Scientology and Dianetics in Boston. I know this is going to make a big difference in terms of the quality of life for the city, as the whole point in building up our churches, as covered in various speeches by David Miscavige is to help the community more, and create a better world.

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