New York: New Church in the Big Apple

The Ideal Church of Scientology in New York City was a gift from the International Association of Scientologists to the people of New York in recognition of their courage and spirit in the face of the 2001 World Trade Center disaster.

Mr. David Miscavige, whose vision and personal dedication had set in motion this new Church, now opened its doors to the 10,000 Scientologists and guests in attendance just off Times Square:

“This is more than just a home for you, the Scientologists of New York. It is also a home for the broader community where all men and women of goodwill are welcome, and who we dedicate ourselves to helping, each and every one. And by demonstrating, in action, the conviction of our beliefs, the future knows no bounds. For this is New York, and to help her is to help the world. We know there is hope. And because we can help, working together we will make a difference.”

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