Church of Scientology in South Africa

The Church of Scientology has acquired the famous Johannesburg landmark, the Kyalami Castle, to be the home of its new advanced spiritual retreat. This marks a significant step for Scientologists who until now had to travel all the way to the U.S, Australia or England for their higher spiritual progress.
To view the entire article about the expansion of the Church of Scientology go to Church of Scientology Nets Famous Joburg Landmark--Kyalami Castle

A Spiritual Menu

I found this article concerning a hotel chain that is now offering spiritual materials from various religions. Not only can one find the Bible, but also offerings from Taoism, Buddhism, Scientology and many others:

Hotel Chain offers Spiritual Menu


Scientology Video Channel!

Whoa! I just found out about the Scientology video channel!

Not only is it fantastic to have all these videos on line so anyone can learn about Scientology, but it's in so many languages!

This is awesome!

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Purification Rundown in today's society

The Purification Program as outlined by Clear Body/Clear Mind by L. Ron Hubbard has never been more relevant than today.

Articles are sweeping across America concerning the widespread detection of drug residuals and toxins in our drinking water.

The New York Times provides thorough coverage of this topic in their article entitled, We Are What We Drink Is What We Are.

All one needs to do is a simple search and you will find hundreds of articles and editorials on this subject.

If this wasn't enough a new report is out that toxins are now showing up in our wildlife. See the article Toxic stew poisoning our birds, ourselves.

We live in a chemical oriented society. The Purification Program developed by L. Ron Hubbard is more relevant than ever. I recommend reading the book Clear Body Clear Mind and doing the program.